Does your gaming laptop need a dual screen

Does Your Gaming Laptop Need A Dual Screen? Let’s Find Out

Does your gaming laptop need a dual screen? Yes, the dual-monitor arrangement allows you to play your preferred video games in multifunctionality. This additional screen space may be utilized as a workspace for surfing the web, viewing movies, or displaying game guides and other data. Moreover, if you want to perform Twitch broadcasting, you’ll almost certainly need two displays. This allows you to utilize streaming capabilities on a secondary display while playing on the primary monitor. You can also watch a conversation and react in real-time to your visitors.

Another benefit of a dual monitor arrangement for gaming is its opportunity to immerse yourself in the game while having an extra display for yourself. If you like racing games, for example, you may want to try a dual monitor configuration with a curve and a flat display. Curved displays give a broader viewing angle and a more realistic gaming experience by mimicking the natural curve of our eyes. 

Things To Think About When Using Dual Monitors

A few things to bear in mind are the computer connection, screen size, bezel width, mounts, and modifications, before you go shopping to spend money on extra screens.

Computer Connectivity

You should ensure that your computer—or, more specifically, the graphics card of your laptop—is competent enough to provide two displays before you plunge in. Utilizing two monitors without an extra graphics card is not feasible if your operating system only has one video connector. However, this is uncommon since most contemporary computers have at least two video ports, allowing for dual monitoring. Furthermore, VGA, DVI, HDMI, Type-C, or DisplayPort are just a few of the options. Also, you may need to utilize an adapter if your additional monitor connection is different from a monitor type.

Screen Size

While some individuals don’t mind having displays of various sizes, for a more pleasant experience, it’s best to have two monitors of the same size. If you currently have a monitor, consider the size of an additional display. Most gamers have little trouble running two collections with multiple configurations or even refreshing rates for refresh rates. Moreover, for optimal performance, two separate shows must be correctly aligned.

Bezels Width

Another consideration when purchasing a monitor is the thickness of the frame. Monitors with skinny bezels are practically made for twin or multiple monitor setups. When two monitors with thin bezels are positioned side by side, the viewing experience is enhanced with no distractions. Even if you currently have a monitor with standard bezels, a narrow bezel monitor may improve your viewing experience. BenQ’s EW3270U, which has extra-thin bezels, may be of interest to you.

Mounts and Adjustments

Depending on your objective and application, you may need additional monitor attachments such as amount, stand, or arm. It would be best if you also thought about whether you’ll require a rotation feature and how you’ll attach it. However, in this situation, make sure your monitors support VESA mounting.

How To Set Your Laptop Into Dual Screen

Whether you work hard or play hard, several displays offer you more room to accomplish things. Write a paper on one screen as you reference websites on the other screen or play one while talking on the other in Discord. But instead of just plugging in another monitor and using it daily, learn how to use your multi-monitor setup points.

Make the Displays Match

If you have the same brand and models on your displays, you may usually skip this step. After connecting them, Windows should extend your desktop horizontally. Align your display so that it lines up accurately, and you are ready to begin.

However, when you have two separate monitors, you may have to work a little more to have them play well. For instance, you may connect your laptop and use them side by side on an external display, or you may have a 4K screen next to a 1080p screen. There will be some strange behaviors as a result of this, but they are simple to correct.

You may customize your display by right-clicking on the desktops and selecting Display Settings from the menu bar. Under the rearrangement of your displays, click and drag the right corners to fit the monitors’ orientation on your desktop. Furthermore, when you move your cursor to the left, it will remain in the same position on the left display instead of bouncing up and down. Hence, it’s likely that some trial and error will be required if you want them to be lined up properly. 

When you’ve reached the Scaling and layout area, make your way down to the Resolution and scaling section to fine-tune the monitor resolutions and scaling. For example, suppose you have a 4K monitor and a 1080p monitor. In that case, you may have each display use its original Resolution and then apply to scale to the higher-resolution monitor, thereby preserving the size of the windows across all devices. (You may also do this here if you wish to set up a screen in landscape orientation.)

In order to continue, you may adjust the hue and luminosity of the built-in settings of every display to match them as nearly as feasible. After adjusting these settings, your displays must be easier and more comforting while switching windows.

Tweak Your Taskbar

Windows 10 extends your Taskbar across both displays by default, which may be helpful—though you can tweak it even more to your taste. If you right-click just on Taskbar, choose Taskbar Settings first from the context menu. Several useful options are shown here, but go down and seek the Multiple Displays section to find out what we’re searching for.

If you want to keep it spread across both screens, you may select where you want to have individual icons: both on the main Taskbar, the Taskbar where the app window is open, or just on the active monitors of the program. You can also choose to see labels, such as in Windows XP, in the Taskbar icons.


Does your gaming laptop need a dual-screen? They have recently emerged as productivity and convenience enhancers for a broader audience, including businesspeople and gamers. Even for simple online surfing, an extra screen may be beneficial. 

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