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What Is the Advantage Of Triple Screen Display

Are you looking for a guide to set up a triple screen display on your desktop or laptop? Don’t worry! We have arranged everything that you need to set up this kind of screen display. In this article, we have included what you need for your desktop or laptop to support a triple screen—adapters, graphic cards, and other equipment to assist you in reaching your triple screen goal. 

If you have a current desktop or laptop with this display, your device is possibly already supporting up to three external screens. Nevertheless, bear in mind that not every discrete and onboard graphics are supporting triple monitors. Old-fashioned graphics cards, though provided with triple ports, could only hold up one output separately. 

Furthermore, if you have an extra screen that you want to try attaching to your desktop or laptop, you can research its model on the internet to see if the graphics card can support more than two screens. However, you should note that, whatever choices you select, you’ll still need a screen with suitable input ports like DVI, HDMI, or the needed adapter or cable to attach them to the display port. 

Before we proceed to the advantages and uses of triple screens, let us first know the basics of a triple screen display.

What Is A Triple Screen Display?

This kind of screen display uses triple display devices, including monitors, to expand the available area for computer programs that run on one system. Moreover, it allows an easy toggling between programs or applications at the same time.

Furthermore, some laptops or desktops are enabled for a triple screen setup, which is where three screens are attached to the laptops or desktops concurrently. Also, the capacity to connect three screens needs a video card, along with three ports for video output, including DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, Or HDMI on it.

Having a triple screen enables a split monitor, which is normal in a workplace where users must have this kind of screen display simultaneously. Let’s say a teacher might need to have documents, skype, and email open at once. That’s where the triple screen comes in. 

What Is the Advantage Of Triple Screen Display?

In the working environment, businesses are searching for ways to optimize or enhance productivity with regard to computer utilization. But before you purchase a bigger hard drive, fast processor, or transforming to SSD, we are encouraging you to think about upgrading to a triple screen setup.

Moreover, there are limitless benefits and utilization of the screen display. Here, we have summed up the most commonly used benefits.

  1. Use Three Programs At Once

By having three screens, a user can see and run triple applications at once. For example, by using three screens, you can have your document open, you can monitor your emails, and you can browse anything you need simultaneously. 

Furthermore, this is an immense asset for someone who works with triple programs that needs a big amount of workstation to start with. Rather than clicking Alt-Tab to shift between the programs, you can do it conveniently using a triple screen setup. 

  1. Easy To Use

The capacity to utilize these screen displays comes with the latest laptops or desktops. Even so, you might need to have a technician to start configuring the screens, making continuous usage fairly simple. Moreover, the settings for triple screens are placed with corresponding controls as your single screen; hence, it needs no additional software. 

  1. Increase Efficiency

Boosting efficiency is not a simple task, especially if you’re overloaded with emails, calls, and deadlines. However, through using this kind of display, you can successfully fulfill your tasks simultaneously. It solves all your problems and increases your productivity. 

How To Set up Triple Screen Display

It’s very simple to set up a triple screen. Here’s on how you do it:

  1. Get A Compatible Or Fit Monitor

The first thing to do is to get your two additional screens. Plug these two monitors into your desktop or laptop, and make sure to connect it to the electrical outlet. And when you purchase screens, make sure to buy the monitor that is compatible with the connector.

For instance, some screens utilize a VGA cable, while others utilize an HDMI cable. If your desktop or laptop only has a VGA port, you must find a monitor that applies an HDMI.

  1. Organize Your Monitors Properly

When setting up a triple screen, you should decide how you desire to organize your monitors. Firstly, you need to consider the position. Do you prefer all of your screens to be located vertically? Or do you prefer to position them horizontally? That will depend on your preference.

However, a vertical position has some benefits. If you have spreadsheets or documents that have a vertical, long data, it may help if you put at least one screen in a vertical position. Next, think about getting a versatile height stand to let you simply move the display into different positions. There are lots of things you need when organizing your monitors.Also, don’t place your monitor when you are not comfortable with the angle. Make sure to decide what’s best for you.

  1. Adjust The Monitors Display Settings

When you combine triple screens, one of them will be appointed as Display 1, 2, or 3. Display 1 is the main screen that presents the taskbar and the other monitors are appointed to something. To change the display settings follow these:

  • Click the “start” button.
  • Find the settings and click it.
  • Then, click the system.
  • And lastly, click on the tab Display.


In general, using a triple screen leads to an improvement in efficiency due to a more workable and bigger workstation. Luckily, the expense for this kind of setup is not as costly as you think. Because it increases your work productivity, for sure, it is worth your money. In addition, if you still have doubts about spending your money and effort on a triple screen setup, we suggest that you give it a whirl. 

If you need an expert to transform your desktop or laptop into triple screens, Tri-Screen Display is the key! Our top priority is to provide an exceptional service to all our clients, in order to fulfill and achieve their triple screen goals. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 

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