Multiple Screen For Mac

Multiple Screen For Mac: Tools And Tips For Mac Monitors

Are you using multiple screen for Mac? These best tips and tools will help you get the most out of your Mac’s multiple-monitor setup.

Setting up a dual monitor configuration on your Mac increases your efficiency rate. You don’t have to waste your effort sorting out things on just one screen. Moreover, multiplying your screen also means doubling your space and getting extra time in completing the task.

You can assemble your multiple screens easier and make the best setup that you want. Furthermore, there are tips and tools that you can use in setting up and making your work easier. 

Tips On Choosing Your Monitor

Before you purchase your Mac monitor, here are the things you have to contemplate about:

Resolution And Pixel Density

You must look for a Mac monitor with a higher resolution to have good displays and images. 

Generally, the image quality will be better when there’s higher pixel density and resolution. However, a high-resolution monitor needs more powerful hardware. 


Another thing to consider is the space of your place. If you have bigger space, you can choose a 32-inch monitor for wider screens. 

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is the time that your display restores every second. It is measured using a Hz unit. Ordinary monitors use 60 Hz for office stuff, but if you are into gaming, a 144 Hz monitor is good for you. 

Color Accuracy

The color accuracy of your monitor can help your work, especially if you are in the field of creative work like designs and video or photo editing. Hence, check your monitor’s color accuracy, or you can purchase a calibration tool. 

Tools You Might Need

Your multiple screen for Mac depends on what operating system you are using. If you have extra monitors, you might need another set of the hub as well. 

In addition, you might be needing these display connections in setting up your multiple screens. 

HDMI: Videos, images, and audio can both be transmitted using the same tech used to connect consoles and Blu-ray players to yoiur television.

DisplayPort: Gamers choose this port because it projects audio and video simultaneously. It also has a faster bandwidth connection with a great refresh rate. 

Thunderbolt: It allows USB to connect and charge laptops. Moreover, it can hold multiple connections of devices and wirings. 

Tips In Setting Up Your Multiple Screen For Mac

Arrange Your Monitors

If you have your monitors, one of the features of monitors that allows you to display the content of the other, which is called mirroring. It can benefit you if you are presenting to a larger group of people. To enable this feature, follow the follow these steps:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Select Display > Arrangement tab
  3. Uncheck the Mirror Displays

You have to uncheck the mirror display for you to expand your display to your second monitor. If you want to arrange your monitor, you may view the settings. There are various things you will discover in managing your monitor arrangement through your settings. 

Place The Dock In The Correct Location

Most of the users placed their Dock at the bottom part of the screen. However, it doesn’t mean you have to copy them. You may move your Dock on the other side of your screen. If you place your Dock on the right side, it will appear on your second mac monitor. 

If you want to change the location of your Dock, try these steps:

  1. Open System Preferences;
  2. Click Dock; and
  3. Choose where you want to place your Dock. 

Arrange Your Room For The Virtual Desktops

It’s likely that you’ll need additional space even if your Mac is operating multiple monitors. You could start methodically organizing windows, or you could use a feature built into macOS called Spaces. This version of the virtual monitor allows you to organize the windows and shift between them easily. 

If you encountered a problem with this issue, don’t worry. The malfunction where the monitor  goes blank is caused by how the Spaces work. It can be fixed easily using by setting up. 

  1. Open System Preferences;
  2. Find the Mission Control section; and
  3. Check the option labeled Displays have separate spaces.

This may be enabled by default if you’re using a recent version of macOS, but it’s not always the case with older versions.

iPad Can Be Used As Another Monitor

Spaces can allow you to enjoy some of the advantages of having a second monitor without having to buy one. However, that isn’t the only technique to acquire more workspace without spending money on a second monitor. You can utilize your iPad as a second monitor for your Mac if you have one.

BetterTouchTool: Control Your Windows Between Monitors

If you are used to Windows or Linux, you can use keyboard shortcuts when moving some apps to your other monitors. For macOS, it can be limited; that is why other users prefer BetterTouchTool. The tool can easily fix the problem in shortcuts. 

This app was designed to improve the performance of your trackpad, but it also allows you to do it with the keyboard. You may move a window to the next screen, center an app on a specific monitor, and various other options are available for you! These options can be assigned to whatever combination of keys you want. 

Managing Your Display Wallpaper

Managing your wallpaper depends on your fashion and creativity. Some users like unbroken wallpaper across their other Mac monitors. Hence, you don’t have to worry if you like the same wallpaper or a flat color all throughout your monitors. 

In addition, you can manage them by checking the System Preferences and selecting Desktop & Screen Saver. If you have multiple monitors, windows will appear on every monitor, and you can choose your desired wallpaper.


Using multiple screen for Mac can help your work in multiple programs simultaneously— increasing productivity and flexibility. You don’t need to invest much effort in vain by compressing apps and windows on just one monitor.

Using some tips and tools, you can easily install multiple screens at home. Your multiple screens can help you a lot, especially with your busy hours. 

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