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Multiple Screen Setup: Everything You Need

Are you satisfied with just a single screen? Perhaps multitasking on one screen is simply impractical and time-consuming. So why stop at just one or two displays when you can have a multiple screen setup and use them at once?

Today, the dual-monitor setup has become popular in the market. Hence, if you are thinking about adding another monitor for your desktop or laptop, we have compiled some options for a multiple screen setup for you. We will walk you through all of the considerations you should make before installing three or more monitors.

Why Choose Multiple Monitors?

Through having multiple monitors, you may enjoy more screen real estate. This will allow you to toggle between programs effortlessly as if you have an extra-large desktop on hand.

Furthermore, multiple monitors are used by:

  • Coders to view their code by just simply looking over the paperwork before returning to their primary workspace;
  • Anyone who wants to view something while working (webpages, emails, documents, spreadsheets, videos, etc.); and
  • Gamers who love exploring the game world by viewing it on various screens.

Customizing Multiple Monitors In Windows

Using multiple monitors is simple with Windows. Connect the monitor to the suitable port on your screen, and Windows will automatically expand your desktop. You can quickly move windows between monitors by dragging and dropping them. 

Press Windows+P on your keyboard to choose your preferred display on Windows 8 or 10. Make a quick choice of your new display mode through a sidebar. Also, you may have more windows space by selecting the Extend option. Here are more alternative options:

  • PC Screen only. All external monitors will be black, and Windows will only use your primary display.
  • Duplicate. Windows displays similar images to provide you a bigger picture on both primary and secondary monitors.
  • Extend. Windows can expand and stretch your laptop, allowing you to function on another computer. 
  • Second screen only. Windows will block the primary display and utilize the secondary display instead.

How Can You Identify Display Ports On A Laptop And Desktop?

If you have a current desktop computer or laptop with multiple display outputs, you may attach up to two external monitors. If not, you may add more external monitors using one or more options below:


Laptops are the simplest and easiest way to start a multiple screen setup. The most popular configuration is a dual monitor setup, with the monitor being the laptop display. Expand and rearrange your display to make your workspace more effective or mirror the screens to use for presentations.

Here are options available for multi-monitor laptops, including external docking stations and graphics processing units to add more displays:

  • Laptop with HDMI and VGA ports 

Regardless of the age of a laptop, it still has both a VGA and an HDMI port. You can link up to two monitors and run them both at a time.

  • Laptop with Mini DisplayPort and HDMI ports 

Most current laptops contain a HDMI and Mini Display Port that allows you to connect multiple monitors. Hence, if  you have a new laptop model, a multiple monitor setting will be easy for you.

  • Laptop with VGA and USB ports 

If you have extra USB ports, you may use a DVI external card or USB to VGA ports. With this, you don’t have to worry if you only have a laptop that only contains a VGA port.

  • Laptop Docking Station and Video Docks

You can attach up to two external monitors to most laptop docking stations. You can even extend your display real estate with the use of three monitors. Furthermore, some universal video docks allow you to attach three external monitors with a total of four displays.


Aside from laptops, you can use another desktop to expand your screen. Moreover, you may consider the following:

  • Desktop with VGA and DVI ports 

Most people use both of these ports because of their flexibility and low-cost.

  • Desktop with Multiple Graphics Cards 

VGA (D-Sub), DVI, and HDMI are the three regular graphics card outputs. It supports three monitors depending on the processor and memory. By adding more graphic cards, you can easily multiply the number of video outputs in your setup.

For Laptops Or Desktops

Suppose you want to add more monitors after dealing with onboard video ports on a laptop and desktop. Consider these guidelines:

  • DisplayPort to Multiple DisplayPort Splitter Box 

A DisplayPort Splitter is an easy way to replicate your output on a desktop or laptop. On one end, there is a single DisplayPort connector, and on the other, there are up to four DisplayPort sockets.

  • USB to VGA/DVI/HDMI External Video Card 

The most inexpensive yet fastest way of extending your graphics display is through using USB video graphics adapters. Hence, this is a convenient way to extend your video output to several screens.

  • External USB monitor 

Portable LED monitors or more commonly known as external USB monitors are another version of a laptop’s display. It allows you to expand your graphics through a built-in video card with a free USB 3.0 port.

What Are Other Things You Need?

  • Monitors with VGA, DVI, and HDMI inputs 

Consider having a monitor with a complete multiple screen setup, whether on a cable, port, adapter, and supported resolution.

  • Multi-Monitor Stand 

Multi-monitor stands will keep your monitors in place. Moreover, they reduce the footprint left by your monitor on your desk.

The Advantage Of Using A Multiple Screen Setup

 The benefits of using a multi-monitor setup include:

  • Affordable
  • Enhances productivity 
  • Mitigates costs
  • Simple and easy to use


Multiple screen setup is an easy way to upgrade your computer equipment. If you don’t have one, consider investing in a multi-monitor system. It would be best if you preferred to connect to a multi-monitor setup to enhance productivity, and upgrade your computer’s video performance! Not only that, but by having multiple monitors, playing exciting games will surely be worth your while. So, what are you waiting for? Enhance your work and gaming experience now!

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