Tri Screen For Productivity And Efficiency Of The Team

How helpful is the tri screen for productivity and efficiency of the team? Does it really make work easier? According to studies, workspaces with tri screen desktops or laptops increase efficiency and productivity by 50%. 

For many people, their jobs almost utterly depend on computers, especially in this time of the pandemic. Many employees are working remotely to keep themselves safe from the virus. That’s why the help of tri screen for productivity is indeed valuable for multitasking simultaneously. 

Now, we’re going to explore tri screen and its benefits in improving team productivity and efficiency. 

What Is A Tri Screen?

Tri screen setup enables you to use tri monitors that work from one computer. Imagine it as a visual expansion of your work area. There are lots of applications where having a tri screen setup provides practically limitless benefits, and almost every computer is efficient in handling tri monitors. 

The use of tri screens is to help every company employee to make their work easier. Besides, every business desires its employees to be as productive and efficient as possible. However, how do you make a workplace that prompts this? 

There are several means to improve performance and efficiency in the workplace. Nevertheless, changing to tri screen setups is one convenient and affordable way to do it. 

How Can A Tri Screen Setup Improve Team Productivity?

Workers can do their job much more efficiently at a tri screen workspace than a normal one. It is particularly applicable for jobs where digital data has to be processed regularly, as is the instance for engineers, IT, editors, insurance employees, and scientists.

Tri screen also enables you to have essential information exhibited on one screen for source or basis while using the two screens for your other tasks. For instance, you can have Microsoft Word open on one screen while using the two screens for PDF and receiving emails.

Thereby, even though you have a lot of work with specific deadlines, you can efficiently finish them at once. You don’t have to rush in closing and opening other tabs for your next tasks. In short, the usefulness of the tri screen for productivity makes everything easier and more convenient. 

Advantages Of Using Tri Screen In The Workspace 

Many workers are not comfortable using a tri screen at their work table, so it’s no wonder that tri screen setups are not as prominent as single screen setups. However, working with tri screens offers ways for workers to do their job more efficiently and productively. 

Furthermore, here are some of the primary reasons why your workspace should be upgraded to tri screens.

  1. Increased Productivity

Based on research, working with tri screens increases overall efficiency and productivity by 50%. For instance, programmers can utilize one screen for coding and the two screens for sourcing and programming. By using a tri screen, they will no longer require switching tabs. This decreases mistakes and makes time to finish more tasks. 

  1. More Proficient Multitasking

Productive multitasking needs sufficient screen area to keep triple applications at once visible— a prospect that single screen itself simply can’t help. For example, web designers and programmers who need computers could no longer spend time switching amidst resizing windows and tabs to suit the narrow space. However, through a tri screen setup, they can now execute and focus on finishing their projects efficiently and precisely.

  1. Easier Pasting, Copying, And Cutting

These grounds relate to jobs that designate for making Powerpoint presentations and newsletters. Tri screen would remove the need for switching tabs and browsing up and down as you do your work. Furthermore, the improved visibility decreases the risk of making errors and wasting time fixing them.

  1. Video And Image Editing

With tri screens, the days of piling up various editing instruments on top of the video or image you’re doing are gone. As opposed to seeing your screen like a mess, you can place the editing instruments on one screen and leave the video and image on the other. With greater visibility, you’re less often to make mistakes and more likely to be skilled, saving more precious time in the process. 

  1. Product Differentiation

Suppose you are planning to buy a laptop, and you have three brands or model options in mind. It’s time to decide, so you need to differentiate their specs. If you have only a single screen, you will need to switch from one tab to another. Yet, if you have a tri screen, you can see and differentiate the models and brands together to help you see their comparisons and make a correct decision.

Ways To Improve Team Productivity And Efficiency

Working from home is increasingly becoming popular, which means the way we live and work is transforming. That’s why we present to you some various ways to improve team productivity. Some of these are:

  • Upgrading to tri screen setups
  • Giving your team ownership
  • Setting communication expectations
  • Building some team-building exercise
  • Creating a great work environment
  • Giving each other feedback
  • Praising them for a job well done
  • Giving them incentives
  • Knowing their weaknesses and strengths 


Tri screens benefit almost all businesses due to the improved visibility, bigger screen space, and how you can easily switch one tab to another. Using a tri screen for productivity can improve even your free-time activities, too. 

Working with a triple screen setup is not a prerequisite, yet working on a triple screen has some benefits and can aid you to be more efficient and productive. Depending on how it is utilized, a tri screen could either let you work with bigger screen size or let you work with three open windows simultaneously.

In that case, it is simpler to arrange yourself and to fix your tasks. For instance, one screen will be designated for Microsoft Word, while the two screens will display the Excel sheet and your email with all the essential data you need to finish your work. This is easier and more convenient than having to browse amidst the different apps, which eventually is a waste of time.

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