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6 Ways To Improve Your Triple Monitor Setup

A triple monitor setup provides you with more space to efficiently complete things, whether you’re playing hard or working hard. You can write on one monitor while searching for references on another monitor or chatting on one while in-game on the other. However, don’t just connect in a triple display and call it quits. Instead, you can use these ways to assist you in improving your triple monitor setup effectively. 

  1. Create A Display Match

If you’re setting up three monitors with similar models, you may skip this step. Once you have already connected your three monitors, Windows will automatically enlarge your desktop diagonally. Furthermore, it will modify every monitor’s outlook so that they are arranged properly.

On the other hand, if you have three different monitors, you may need to do a lot more work to sync them perfectly with each other. For instance, you may be connecting your desktop to an external display and utilizing them together, or perhaps you have one 5K screen alongside a 1080p screen. This will generate some strange performance, yet they can easily be fixed. You just need to right-click the laptop or desktop and select the display settings. 

Below the rearrange and select displays, drag and click the box around to complement the screens’ orientation on your laptop or desktop. In that manner, when you move the mouse cursor to the left side, it will show in a similar area on the left screen instead of upwards or downwards. You might need to do a few tries to organize them correctly. 

Scroll down to the layout and scale portion to modify the three screens’ resolution and scaling. Hence, if one screen is 5k and the other one is 1080p, you may set them to their local resolution. However, you may need to expand the scaling on the high-quality resolution so that your windows exhibit a similar size. 

Once you are done improving your triple monitor setup, it would be more pleasant and simpler to move windows among them.

  1. Modify Your Taskbar

You can modify your taskbar based on your desired looks. You can right-click the taskbar and select the settings. Besides, there are many helpful choices there. However, if you move your cursor downwards to the multiple display portion, you will see something interesting in there.

The initial switch takes off the taskbar from your other display. This is how you apply a triple monitor setup since it sets all shortcuts altogether. 

Meanwhile, if you prefer to have it expanded over the three displays, you can choose where you desire single icons to pop up: on three monitors or on the taskbar where the application window is active or open. Additionally, you can select if you desire to put tags on the buttons. 

  1. Hunt For Large-Scale Wallpapers

Although elegant wallpapers are not going to extend productivity, they are one of the excellent perks of having a triple monitor setup. While some wallpaper websites have triple-monitor choices, there are a few spots that are skilled in large-scale wallpapers, such as WallpaperFusion and Dual Monitor Backgrounds.

Once you’re done choosing a wallpaper you want, right-click the laptop or desktop and select customize. Then, browse the folder or picture in the question bar and select Span to pack up space overall your displays. 

  1. Review Your Shortcuts

The good thing about triple monitors—mostly when compared with large-scale and ultrawide monitors—is the capacity to “dock,” making it simple to see lots of windows simultaneously. And while you can always resize and drag the windows all over the mouse, that is time-consuming and hard. That is why there are some shortcuts in Windows 10 that can be useful, including:

  • Win+Right and Win+Left
  • Win+Down and Win+Up
  • Shift+Win+Right and Shift+Win+Left
  • Shift+Win+Up
  • Win+Home

Most of these Windows shortcut functions when you have a single monitor, but the more screens you add, the more functional they become.

  1. Use Triple Desktops and Spaces

Both macOS and Windows allow you to create a virtual display desktop that functions like extra monitors built inside the operating system. These can be utilized rather than an external display or along with one.

On Windows, you can click the button (task view) by the search box, then select a new desktop to make a new one. Your new desktop will function alone immediately, so you can have triple desktops with a left and right monitor. 

  1. Achieve more with DisplayFusion

After everything’s done, and you still want more, DisplayFusion might be the solution for you. DisplayFusion is a tool created with several monitors. With this tool, you can acquire more control with your wallpapers, create keyboard shortcuts, arrange windows to the borders of any display, or manually adjust the screen’s brightness so you will not get distracted.

Moreover, this tool is filled with overflowing choices, so you can download it using the free version and try it out yourself. 


In today’s working nature, we are interacting with a lot of applications. Having one monitor is perfect when we are inputting data in our laptops or computers. However, it becomes quite difficult and troublesome to toggle with different tabs and apps simultaneously as we complete our work, especially if we’re in a rush.

Hence, using a triple monitor setup will make it simple for you to handle various tasks while enjoying your favorite games. Also, having a triple monitor can save a lot of time and effort in altering the monitor constantly. The main benefit of having a triple screen is that it increases productivity to multitask, and it provides flexibility where you can merge your monitor with diverse specifications. 

If you want to transform your ordinary desktop or laptop into a triple monitor setup, Tri-Screen Display will do it for you! Our goal is to provide an excellent service and successful modern mobile lifestyle to all their consumers. So what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to call or visit our website!

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