Will I be able to do more work with three screens

Will I Be Able To Do More Work With Three Screens?

Do you find it difficult to manage your work with just one screen and find yourself wondering, “Will I be able to do more work with three screens?” Actually, based on some research, having more screen areas accessible allows people to have more work done, and utilizing triple screens is a simple method to triple your workstation.

Nevertheless, having three screens may not be the greatest solution for you or anyone else. The ultimate choice varies, depending on how you work, what programs you use, how much workspace you have, and how much money you’re ready to spend.

Moreover, triple screens appear to improve some jobs, like programming and pro video editing, and urban traders may require more than three screens. Also, writers may benefit from having more than just one large screen.

On average, having three screens is preferable if you want to see a lot of info simultaneously or at a glimpse. It’s a waste of time to move or resize windows when you don’t have to. As a result, switching from three screens is a great option.

The Benefits of Having Three Screens

If you’re one of the many people who can’t work with just one screen and want a clear answer to this question, “Will I be able to do more work with three screens?” You should look into these advantages.

  1. Using Three Screens Can Boost Your Productivity.

Improved productivity is the most significant benefit for everybody, including programmers and other professionals. Besides that, over the years, a number of studies have tried to monitor the change in productivity due to the use of triple screens. They’ve discovered that having three screens allows them to do tasks quickly and efficiently. As a result, if you’re continually wondering, “Will I be able to do more work with three screens?” the answer is definitely yes!

  1. Many Sectors Use Three Programs At The Same Time.

At any given time, you have some form of workflow that requires employing triple programs. Maybe you’re switching between Excel and Photoshop, or maybe you’re using HTML coding. But whatever the case may be, having many programs running on three screens is quite useful. It can help you be more productive and less agitated at work.

  1. Three Screens Can Secure Your Work.

If you want to be further connected and visible to customers or other experts in your network, you could discover that a three-screen setup is a way to go. While you might be utilizing the main screen for the majority of your work, a three-screen setup allows you to keep your email, social media, and spreadsheet open at all times. In other words, you can safeguard your work without feeling rushed to complete the other tasks.

  1. Three Screens Are Suitable With Laptops And Provides Flexibility.

Many employees are working with their laptops and not just sitting in front of a desk the whole day.  With most laptops these days, adding three monitors is simple. This enables employees to have a triple-screen office space while having the flexibility to detach the other monitor and bring the laptop anywhere they need to go. It’s easy to set up, and it simply takes a minute to move the laptop to another location.

  1. Data Sharing Between Programs Can Be Much Easier.

Not only do many employees work with many apps at the same time, but they also frequently share data, such as transferring code from one app to another or designing an image in Photoshop. With the use of a three-screen system, all of these things can indeed be simplified. Furthermore, it’s often quicker to move from one screen to the next than it is to use three apps on one screen.

  1. Comparisons Are Made Easier.

Many facets of a worker’s job necessitate a meticulous focus on detail. Hence, 

comparing distinct versions of a layout, checking in many browsers, and working from one task to another are all of these areas that necessitate comparison. In these cases, comparing side-by-side using three screens is easier, faster, and more productive than repeatedly flicking back and forth.

  1. It’s Very Convenient.

Expanding your laptop to a three-screen setup is usually rather simple, despite the fact that it may appear to be more complicated or complex than it is. If you’ve been thinking about trying triple screen setup and have been holding it off, there’s no excuse not to try it now.

What You Will Need To Set Up Three Screens?

Setting up a triple screen is relatively simple. However, things might get complicated if you wish to add a fourth one.  There are a variety of displays accessible, and it’s always a good idea to double-check with an IT specialist if you’re confused.

Furthermore, setting up a triple monitor is not difficult and can be done for a reasonable price. If you’re buying a brand new laptop, be sure that it has a graphics card that could handle three displays. Also, if you’d like to add a third display to an old device, you’ll likely need to update your graphics card.

It’s crucial to consider how much workspace you have. A triple monitor setup with three 22″ panels is popular, but you might need to go with something smaller if you don’t have the capacity.


Focus can be improved by using three screens. Imagine wanting to have your email open on one screen while working on other things on the other two screens. Hence, a triple-screen setup can let you focus on various projects for more extended periods, only interrupting your focus when something vital appears on your other screen. Lastly, a third monitor improves collaboration and creativity by allowing you to maintain your shared thoughts on one screen while working on the other.

The advantages are limitless: multitasking is simplified, pasting and copying between three documents are simple, and the effectiveness of Skype meetings can be improved by dedicating a whole screen to your notes.

The most significant advantage is probably how triple screen layouts are often more comfortable to use, enabling remote work more entertaining, which is particularly necessary at this time.

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